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The Reappearance
September 8, 2016 @ 6:06 AM by: Richard Steinecke

There have been a few community members that “disappear”. For whatever reason they just stop coming. I am not surprised; many of our community members live unsettled lives. They return “home”; try a new life; visit family or end up in jail. What surprises me is that so many of the “disappeared ones” return. Just this week someone who I had not seen for almost a year came back. He asked about Joe, our previous community dinner leader, and I reminded him of the delicious vegetarian meal he had cooked for me. His brother had been ill and had to visit him half way around the world. Another community member wanted to give me early notice that he was going home next month, to a warmer climate, for the winter.

From this I take two points. Oasis must touch these lives in some way because community members so often reappear. In addition, having someone regular there who recognizes community members when they return is an important part of Oasis’ ministry.

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