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Another Drop in the Ocean
November 19, 2016 @ 6:54 AM by: Richard Steinecke

You take your victories where you can get them. Paolo (not his real name) came to the community dinner a few weeks ago carrying a lot of stuff. He was upset. His usual friendly greeting was replaced with “life sucks!” He had been evicted and was living on the street. Some of our staff were still around so they went to work immediately making calls. Nothing was available. We obtained a telephone number of a place that might have an opening by the weekend. Fortunately the weather was still warm for November. Paolo came back the next week saying that it had not worked out. We scrambled again and obtained a central number for him to call when he was ready. He was appreciative of our efforts, but we weren't sure that he really wanted to get off the street. The following week he returned and said that he had lost the number. We got it for him again. He wanted to enjoy the meal and said he would call later. The next week Paolo came back all smiles. He was in a shelter close by. He thanked us for our help. He could have eaten supper there but he wanted to join us at our community dinner. Just in time. The weather is now turning cold.

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