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Returning Friends
November 24, 2016 @ 9:57 AM by: Richard Steinecke

I continue to be amazed at how community members can disappear from Oasis and then reappear months and even years later. One of the stalwarts for Oasis for years was Terry. His steady presence kept the food bank operating smoothly through all kinds of challenges. He was also instrumental in growth of the Oasis church. When I first started coming out on Tuesday nights he was the most popular lay preacher there. Terry moved off to try new things and we did not hear from him. At all. I confess I begun to feel a bit abandoned and feared that bad things had happened to him. Terry came back this month and the story came out. He had gotten into two new positions where the skills he learned and confidence he gained at Oasis were put to good use. He was working long hours and just had no energy left. In fact, the reason we saw him this month is that he was forced to take time off work before year end because he had worked too many hours. I am sure Terry felt a mixture of pride in the continuation of the work that he had done so much to establish along with some nostalgia about past relationships and changes made since he had left. One important role of Oasis is to remain steadfastly available to welcome community members when they return.

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