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One Onion
January 13, 2017 @ 11:50 AM by: Richard Steinecke

“For an onion. One onion.” The community member was visibly upset as he told me his tale. He is regular at the local plaza. It is a place he can go to get out of his small and dingy room. It is a major part of his community. He estimates that he has spent thousands of dollars at the mall in recent years. Last week he had walked out of the supermarket with one onion that he had not paid for. Immediately he was beset by two security officials. He was detained for an hour until the police could arrive. They decided not to charge him with theft. But he was banned from the mall for five years. That ban likely will have a much larger impact on his life than any criminal court would have imposed.

What the community member did was wrong and the mall is within its legal rights. In fact, the store, the mall and the police probably feel that they did him a favour by not charging him. And there may be more to the story than was told. But I do wonder what Jesus would have done if he owned the store? I know I am offended when people take from me. All I can say is that if Oasis reacted this way we would not achieve our vision.

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