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Throwing Plans Out the Window
January 18, 2017 @ 4:09 PM by: Richard Steinecke

There is an old Yiddish proverb that says “People plan, God laughs”. While the view that God laughs at us is doubtful, it is true that our plans are not always Gods plans. Sometimes we just need to shelve our plans and deal with the circumstances we are given. That happened today at our food bank. According to our wisest elders, our previous record of families served in one day was 136. Today we served 153 families including at least a dozen new people. Fortunately we had lots of volunteers and we had even stored up a bit of surplus “for a rainy day”. Today was a thunderstorm. Everyone worked furiously and we coped fairly well. We did run out of fresh vegetables, so we pulled a few cases of canned veggies out of the deep recesses of storage. But our plans to conduct a survey of the community and to later hold a training session for new volunteers, well they just went out of the window. Our community comes first.

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