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Valentine's Day
February 17, 2017 @ 5:56 AM by: Richard Steinecke

What could be more romantic? After our separate busy days my wife, Donna, arrived at Oasis for the community dinner. I was busy mingling with community members while she helped serve the meal. Our community members and volunteers stepped up to various clean-up tasks but no one was actually at the sink. Donna and I finally met up while I washed the dishes and she dried them and put them away. She told me about her day taking her dad, who is 92, out shopping. They got some flowers for Donna’s mom, who also is in her 90’s. Upon arriving home Donna’s dad saw his wife of almost seven decades ahead in the hallway. He ran towards her to give her the flowers saying 'These are for you'. I was glad to be with my valentine at Oasis.

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