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February 21, 2017 @ 9:59 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Thursdays I am rarely at Oasis. I was, as usual, working at my paying job. But I eagerly received reports of the day from the staff there. The first report was unsettling: “we had to deal with a very upset community member that wanted food”. The community member had forgotten that the Food Bank was on yesterday. Staff was unable to actually provide food to community member, but made a referral to some local agencies that were open. The community member was still angry and yelled at the staff. Later that morning, however, another community member came in to interview as a volunteer. He had had some bad experiences at another food bank. However, “He also said that at Oasis he had been treated with 'respect and fairness' and he would be looking forward to give back”. The third report was about a new Bible study group that was just starting among community members: “There was such a good spirit of joy overall…. Some beautiful things happened. We read Mark 1 and talked about the baptism of Jesus and how we are all deeply loved by God. It seemed to resonate with people. Everyone had a chance to share and people were very open and honest. It was wonderful.”

A typical day at Oasis.

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