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Re-Filling the Emotional Tank
March 4, 2017 @ 6:17 AM by: Richard Steinecke

I arrived at the Bible study emotionally drained. My week had begun with seeing a spiritually upsetting movie with one of my daughters called “Silence”. Then I learned that one of my spiritual mentors is in palliative care for cancer and saw his family trying to support each other. Finally, I found out that one of our community members was being evicted this week and that he was incapable to taking steps to plan for it. I was in “shut down” mode when I arrived at the Bible study. However, as we went around the circle “checking in” I was heartened by hearing the stories of our community members coping with enormous challenges. The group encouraged each other and me. In studying Mark chapter 1 I looked in a new way at the verse about Jesus leaving early in the morning to be alone with God and his followers searching for him to do more healing. I saw an early model of what we would today call managing compassion fatigue. I left the meeting reinvigorated and on the way to being restored.

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