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Ash Wednesday
March 6, 2017 @ 5:34 PM by: Richard Steinecke

“Why do they give it then?” “The emperor has no clothes!” Two sentences by two insightful children. The latter statement comes from the famous fairy tale. The first was asked by some children visiting Oasis as part of their Ash Wednesday event. They were from St. Anne’s and St. Mary Magdalene churches. The children were unpacking boxes and boxes of men’s razor cartridges. But there were no holders for the cartridges. Yes our community members really need shaving materials. But without the holders most men would not be able to use them. And it highlights a challenge we face every day at Oasis: communicating our community members’ needs effectively to our partners and donors so that we actually achieve a useful result. Hopefully we can now locate some holders. The children asked a lot of good questions on Ash Wednesday.

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