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April 1, 2017 @ 4:59 AM by: Richard Steinecke

I sat down with one of our community members who always smiles and is upbeat. I had known for some time that he had to leave his place. He told me he had found a temporary place with an acquaintance. It was really no more than a spot in the corner in the living room. He described how messy his acquaintance was. However, when he showed me pictures I was shocked. The kitchen and bathroom, in particular, were filthy and unsanitary. In telling me his plans to find a place of his own he told me about having to go to a cash advance business. I had heard about how these places prey on the poor and needy and now I was hearing firsthand how a person on the precipice of homelessness was paying high fees every month to get his money a few days early. With so little income, every dollar counted and too many dollars were going to this exploitative enterprise. This was scary stuff. I later spoke to some other community members about cash advance busniness. Most of the community members were firm that they would never use such a service. Let’s hope they never need to.

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