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I am a Hypocrite
May 9, 2017 @ 4:49 AM by: Richard Steinecke

There is no getting around it. Most people are uncomfortable using a food bank. We do everything we can to welcome people and make their time at Oasis pleasant. We encourage community members to linger and socialize. We understand that life has dealt our community members a tough hand. We encourage our community members to contribute as well, perhaps as volunteers or to make a donation to our book exchange. However, I cannot help but notice that I am a hypocrite on this point. Occasionally someone comes to the food bank who cannot come inside the building.  I register on their behalf and pick up their food. While going through the line I often tell the volunteers that I am picking up for someone waiting outside. I pretend I say this so that the volunteers will not think I am abusing my position at Oasis. We don't want to leave volunteers with the impression that it is OK for staff to take food. However, if I am candid, there is also a bit of a concern that people will think I need to use a food bank. As inconsistent as that is with the message that we try to convey to our community, I cannot escape those feelings. God help me.

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