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You Are Doing Nothing Right!
July 4, 2017 @ 8:12 AM by: Richard Steinecke

About one’s motivation for service, Leslie Ludy says: “If you are in ministry for your own happiness and comfort, you'll be sorely disappointed.” Recently ‎I personally received disheartening feedback from two community members. The first said: “You are doing nothing right” when describing our food bank procedures. This was after we made some changes as a direct result of her earlier concerns. The second community member was upset that he did not get enough meat with his dinner and that the dessert was only fresh fruit. We were especially proud of serving a healthy salad and fruit that day (too often we serve sugary carbohydrates). Due to insomnia, these comments struck me deeper than usual. However, I did not respond in anger; I looked beyond how the comments were said for a way to affirm the community members and looked at ways of improving our service. Later another community member, who certainly has his own share of struggles, saw I was down and comforted me with amazing words of encouragement about the work I was doing. As much as I appreciated the boost, I was reminded that service has to be motivated by our internal, core beliefs and not external praise.

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