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NABWU - A Thorn Among Many Roses
October 28, 2017 @ 6:15 AM by: Richard Steinecke

So what is a man doing at the Toronto assembly of the North American Baptist Womens’ Union? A good question. I took my turn staffing the Oasis display table containing information about volunteerism and the work of Oasis. We were at the hallway corner everyone had to pass to enter the main meeting room, so we saw every attendee a few times each day. We received reports on the sessions that moved and inspired people (especially the musical drama on human trafficking). Many people indicated that they were familiar with the work that Oasis was doing. A good number participated in our “budget game” trying to stretch $700 survive for a month in Toronto as many of our community members do. An incredible number of women from other places shared about their own work feeding and supporting the hungry. Baptists often be maligned, but they are exceptionally active in meeting physical and emotional needs. I received an excellent reception by the women of the conference. They assured me that I was the thorn among many roses.

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