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A Small Minnow in a Big Lake
November 4, 2017 @ 6:34 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Our numbers were down. The cheques came out a day or two before. The weather had turned nasty. People were celebrating Halloween. We had a chance to have conversations with community members we often don’t get to talk with a lot. One person suggested how we should remind community members that by coming to our dinner at the beginning of the month, when they still had a few extra dollars in their pocket, they could better budget for the end of the month when they typically have no money left. He said that, after all, Oasis is a small minnow in a big lake with large fish. At first I thought he was referring to the huge charities like Heart & Stroke. But soon I realized he was referring to other agencies in our neighbourhood that served meals on other days of the week to double or triple the number Oasis does. We are not an efficient machine churning out huge numbers of meals and food hampers from a state of the art kitchen. We are a “mom and pop” outfit cooking from a kitchen where one of our two old stoves usually does not work and often connecting with people who prefer not to be part of a large crowd. Every meal we serve is a minor miracle. And that is OK with me.

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