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The Melt Down
November 24, 2017 @ 6:52 AM by: Richard Steinecke

In my day job in a professional office environment I hardly ever see explosions of anger. Usually feelings of frustration are either controlled or diverted in passive-aggressive behaviour. At Oasis most of our community members are patient and considerate despite the sometimes awful things going on in their lives. But occasionally the stress catches up with people. Recently a new community member came late for dinner. Even though we had record numbers that day we were still able to pull together a nice plate for her. She asked to use a cell phone. We were very busy and asked her to finish her meal and we would help her in a few minutes. Very soon after she melted down, tearing up papers, tossing a display stand and shattering a ceramic tile that was lying off to the side as she left. Some of our summer students (this happened a while ago) witnessed the event and their jaws dropped. The next day we talked about what had happened. Anger is a destructive, if honest, emotion. 

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