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My Best Christmas Memory
December 23, 2017 @ 6:32 AM by: Richard Steinecke

One of my very best Christmas memories took place when my daughters were teenagers. At a concert we heard a moving presentation about the work done by a charity for teenage women caught up in human trafficking. Our daughters were devastated by the need and challenged by the lack of resources. After some discussion we all agreed to forego all but one small present that year and donate what we would have spent to the charity. I secretly wrote to the concert musician about what we were doing and asked her to write a note for my daughters. She wrote an absolutely amazing and touching personal note. Come Christmas morning there was a little feeling of letdown as the present-opening time was over in under five minutes. However, that feeling changed to deep joy as they read the surprise note from the musician. About ten years later we met the musician at a conference; we introduced ourselves, explained what happened and thanked her for her note. To our surprise, she remembered what we had done. I too will never forget the generosity of our daughters which has now become a pattern in their lives, including for Oasis.

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