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Starting Off the Year Right
January 6, 2018 @ 5:52 AM by: Richard Steinecke

I find there is a “sweet spot” between the chaos of Christmas and the busyness of New Year where one can relax, eat chocolate and reflect. That sweet spot ends this coming Monday morning. This brief interlude provides a unique opportunity to “think big” about achieving special, even idealistic, goals. ‎Some can be small; please join me in applying for the $25 “goodwill gesture” card from Loblaw and donating it to Oasis. Other plans can be larger in scope; we are hoping to ask local grocery stores to donate not quite expired dairy products for our food bank but need volunteer drivers to help us pick up the food on Tuesday mornings. We are also committed to raising awareness about urban missions and are soliciting speaking opportunities for church and community groups. On Tuesday March 13th (during the March Break) we are having youth groups attend at Oasis for an urban mission experience.

Consider using the sweet spot this weekend to identify how, wherever you are, you can make a bigger difference this coming year.

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