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January 18, 2018 @ 5:30 AM by: Richard Steinecke

I scratch my head when people say that a certain prominent person is too old to change. I am just ten years younger than him and I am changing all the time. My whole life I have been “Mr. Task Orientated”. Sitting around and talking makes me uncomfortable. Guess what I did all morning yesterday? Despite having a near record number of people using our food bank, we had extra volunteers so I could spend my time mixing with the community. And the stories I heard. Grief and loss. Incredible health stress. Spiritual doubts. Regrets. Fear. Joy. Over three hours I must have talked at length with more than half a dozen people who really opened up to me.

Normally I am emotionally exhausted after “doing nothing but talking”. When I get home from it I usually just want to retreat into my own space. This time my spouse wanted to share with me what she had been going through that day. I was happy to do so. Who says older men cannot change?

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