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Quite the Gang
March 17, 2018 @ 6:42 AM by: Richard Steinecke

There was a lot of energy. Forty-five young people from three churches visited Oasis on the Tuesday of the March Break as part of an urban mission trip. To start off, we had them write what they think their obituaries would say if they lived to 90. Then we had some very living (if older) volunteers share their life stories of service. We role-played their going through (or administering) a food bank including handling a situation where a community member got upset. They helped unload the trucks, the quickest time ever, with a human chain conveying the food to storage. They helped make the evening meal and some participated actively in our drop in time. We presented our goals, values and activities and encouraged them to give back in their own communities. To our surprise we learned that they had raised over $700 to support our ongoing work. Thank you Intervarsity (high school), Immanuel and Markham for making us feel young (and old) again.

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