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Three Conversations
April 19, 2018 @ 11:40 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Well that would not happen at my day job. I had three Oasis conversations in one day that could only happen here. The first, at our food bank, was with a refugee who had a prestigious university degree, worked at a high level government job in a middle-Eastern country, then had to flee to Beijing because his family was in danger. After working for two years in Beijing he received renewed threats from his compatriots and escaped to Canada. Despite not working regularly, yet, he was thrilled to finally be in a safe place. The second conversation was with a community member who shared with me that he only stopped abusing drugs when he adopted his dog 13 years ago. The dog is now dying and he wonders what life will be like afterwards. We talked about the value of volunteering as a means to continue to have an outward focus. The third was with a group that supports Oasis. The topic turned to panhandlers. I had no wisdom to impart, but a group member from Brazil spoke of how she had developed a relationship with one street person. They shared food, stories and even hugs. The animation in her voice inspired us all. First we share. Then we learn. Then we grow.

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