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Not Going to Let the Boys Win
May 14, 2018 @ 5:56 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Every Wednesday the staff and volunteers who help out at the Food Bank have a light lunch afterwards. Usually the room is abuzz with multiple conversations going on at once in multiple languages. This past week we had a shared discussion with the entire group. I innocently asked one long-time volunteer if she had ever climbed a coconut tree back home. She told an amazing story of how, when she was growing up, the boys climbed fruit trees but would only share the fruit with the girls if they girls gave them something, like a marble or some coins. One day the girls had nothing to give so the boys refused to share the fruit. Our then-young volunteer climbed a tree on her own. A boy tried to stop her so she used her foot to break a branch he was using and got away up the tree. She shared the fruit with the girls. After that the boys left her alone. A wonderful shared moment with the Oasis gang.

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