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Laugher in the Morning
June 19, 2018 @ 5:07 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Whenever I talk to a volunteer at Oasis and ask them why they keep coming? Often, theresponse is the same. We are happy to help. We are part of a family. I watched with admiration this week as two volunteers who had been away for a while were welcomed back with a lot of jubilation. And there was laughter in the house. As if to say, “We are together again.”

During the time for announcements, I crane my neck from the back. The first time, I thought the screen that had scrolled down was to show the announcements for the day. Oh! How wrong I was. It was time for jokes. What a better way to start the day when you have everyone’s attention, and not knowing what’s up Richard’s sleeve as he reveals the jokes of the day. Drumrolls as we wait in anticipation.

“Take your fish for a walk,” the first slide show a man holding a leash with a fish on the other end. Boy! This one caught members of Oasis in surprise. I’m dying with laughter as I visualise taking a fish for a walk. I’ve never even imagined such a thing. A different slide creates humour out of the recent royal wedding. How wild can our imaginations run? I’m beyond myself with laughter. Laughter in the morning. What a way to start the meeting and cheer everyone up. I wonder how many organizations allow the laughter vibe to vibrate during their meetings, especially in the morning. Food for thought.

[By Pauline, a new intern / volunteer]

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