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A Sense of Community
July 26, 2018 @ 5:54 AM by: Richard Steinecke

This is the second year that Oasis had a table at the Big on Bloor event. We learned from last year and made this year’s table even more inviting to those passing by. We were in almost constant conversation with people throughout the day, connecting with local residents and organizations. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. One of the highlights was to see some of the Oasis community members visit our table. It was wonderful to see them outside of the Oasis environment. One of our volunteers is moving to another province and this was a perfect opportunity to express our goodbyes again. We also reconnected with some of our former volunteers who have moved on to better things in their own lives. The highlight for me was to see Kip (not his real name), one of community members who recently became homeless. He stopped by our table multiple times to chat, dragging his now ever-present suitcase-on-wheels with him. After three weeks he is tiring of living on the streets and is thinking seriously about finding shelter. Our sharp-eyed and well-connected Manager, Katie, linked him to the table of our local city Councillor who will make Kip’s case a priority housing request.

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