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What Oasis Does Matters
September 15, 2018 @ 5:28 AM by: Richard Steinecke

One often wonders whether what Oasis does matters. Most of the impact we like to have is about relationships. People feeling included, developing confidence and becoming more independent. That is very difficult to measure. However, a major part of what we do is help people get food. A recent study published by ICES, a respected health research organization, demonstrates that people who do not have access to healthy and affordable food are much more likely to die sooner than others. Even people with just marginal food insecurity are 28% more likely to die within the next four years than people who are food secure. Severely food insecure people are 2.6 times (i.e., 260%) as likely to die within the next four years. Healthy, accessible and affordable food is a major contributor to health. While few people die of “starvation” in Canada, those without access to good food do die sooner. By reducing the degree of food insecurity amongst our community members we are making a difference.

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