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Lunchtime at the Oasis Kitchen
September 22, 2018 @ 6:47 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Food. No wander someone said food is drama. Look at us, staff and volunteers at Oasis gathered around the kitchen table. Its lunchtime and people are happy to put aside whatever they were doing, to eat. Together. The food is a symbol of solidarity.

People eat and talk, right. “Who made this salad?” someone asks as recipes of salads and bean stew are shared around the table. We are just expressing our human experience of friendship and community. And so we share recipes and jokes and enjoy each other’s friendship. Ah! Isn’t that a great way to relieve stress?

Shh…on my side of the table, all eyes are on Pat. In her gentle voice, she narrates her experiences of places she’s been and other adventures. “You should write a book,” someone suggests. She nods in consideration. The table is a place of memories. And today, she shared some of her memories with us.

I notice two people, talking together in quiet whispers. I can only hope that all is well. But one thing I know is that at the table, there’s a listening ear. There’s connection. We are aware of whom we are and with whom we are. We are together. We are family.

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