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Play, Mimic, Gratitute
October 9, 2018 @ 5:40 AM by: Richard Steinecke

A mother pushes a stroller and seats down at the Oasis hall. A little girl peeks from the stroller and seats up. She rubs her eyes, stares from side to side and stretches out her hands. I can only imagine what she’s thinking. Get me out of this stroller! I want to play. Or, so many people here today. What’s going on? Well, it’s Food Bank day.

And talking of play, children are creative and make the most of their surroundings. Why get bored when you can play? You’ve seen children play no matter where they are. Since play is spontaneous to them, we can just say that play is work for them. So much fun, laughter and creativity!

The giggles and squeaks from a three year old boy draws my attention. He’s playing a game with his eight year old sister who tries to catch him. In a flash, he ducks under the table. Their parents, a young couple, watch them play as they wait for their turn to receive the day’s food portion.

At another table, a mother holds her chin and watches her five year old daughter arrange and re-arrange toys in her pink bag. The daughter-mom moment is interrupted when it’s their turn to pick food from the boxes and trays arranged on the long tables in the hall. Out of curiosity, the little girl peeks into the boxes and helps her mom select an item here and there.

“Gracias,” the mother responds when she picks some milk and yoghurt from my table.

“Gracias,” the little girl mimics her mom as they move on to collect some fresh vegetables.

Practicing gratitude sure starts early. What are you grateful for today? Tell someone “Gracias” or “Asante” or “Thank you” in whichever language you speak. Choose to be grateful today.

[Written by our intern, Pauline]

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