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Tribute to Janette
October 13, 2018 @ 7:30 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Tribute to Janette


There once was a woman named Janette

Who is the best volunteer on the planet

The Oasis foodbank, well she ran it

Steady, sturdy, solid as granite


Coffee is her responsibility

But if you ask nicely, she will bring tea

With Janette there is one guarantee

She'd call you 'luv' out of her bounty


While Canada is now Janette's cold home

Her heart is still in St. Vincent's warm dome

She climbed trees and waded in ocean foam

‎Her childhood stories make an epic poem


Janette’s responsible for the numbers

And with this duty she never slumbers

She’s as cool as a dozen cucumbers

Giv’n them out to both smilers and grumblers


Perhaps Jane‎tte is best known for her hug

Everyone is encouraged by her mug

No matter how down deep your mood has dug

Her cheer can lifts the spirits of any lug


Janette has an incredibly broad smile

You would swear it was as long as a mile

‎She turns it on like it was on a dial

I have lots of pictures of it on file


In the kitchen Janette does her best work

Washing any dishes that try to lurk

Depositing garbage with a mean jerk

A mess is what causes her the ‎greatest irk


So Janette on this most special birthday

What we are sincerely trying to say

Is that we can never, ever repay

The love and care you show us ev'ry day

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