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Constrained by our World View
October 29, 2018 @ 7:47 AM by: Richard Steinecke

Forgive me as I become a bit reflective, but I struggle with these issues.

We all are constrained by our world view: the framework by which we understand things. In John chapter 9, the disciples came across a person blind from birth. They asked Jesus who was to blame, the man or his parents. Their world view required someone to be at fault. Jesus' challenged that world view saying that this circumstance was an opportunity to show God's good works. He then healed the person.

At Oasis we often face questions (or even ask ourselves questions) as to why our community members need food. It is very easy to look for fault. We can even look for root causes and strategies to address them (e.g., teach a person to fish …). However, we should both question whether our world view is as mistaken as the disciples’ one was and we should consider whether we have before us an opportunity to show God's good works. Any world view that prevents us from compassionately helping‎ the person in front of us should be challenged.

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