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There Are No Typical Days at Oasis
January 10, 2019 @ 6:48 AM by: Richard Steinecke

My daughter, a student teacher, just taught a lesson on “averages”. One definition of “average” is “usual” or “typical”. Yesterday, at Oasis, I experienced the following:

  • Listening to a valued volunteer who is dealing with a significant health scare.
  • Passing my handkerchief to another team member who was crying from emotional exhaustion arising from a family emergency.
  • Processing with other community members the death in a clothing drop-off box of someone who was known to our local community.
  • Saying goodbye to three wonderful volunteers going back to Mexico.
  • Greeting a new volunteer.
  • Cleaning up vomit of a child of a community member who became unexpectedly ill.
  • Sorting garbage that had been deposited into the wrong container from our feeding 100 light breakfasts.
  • Interviewing a potential intern.
  • Trying to explain to an upset community member how we could run out of meat, milk and eggs just two-thirds of the way through the morning.

Days at Oasis are typical only because they are never typical.

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