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How Was Your Day Dear?
March 2, 2016 @ 4:33 PM by: Richard Steinecke

Until recently, when asked about my day, I would respond: “Great. How was your day dear?” And it was true; I love my day-job. Just not a lot new to say.

Today when I was asked I said “Great. So much happened today! I had a long conversation with a community member about life, working and future plans. And then I met with the leader of a community service organization just like Oasis a few blocks away and I think there are ways in which we can really work well together. And I think I found a new place to get fresh produce for the Food Bank at a reasonable price. But the highlight of the day was helping a young woman on the verge of living on the street find a women’s shelter. Our intake staff picked up on her desperate situation and spent an hour with her going over her options. They linked her up with the shelter. Another volunteer and I drove her there. On the ride down, she was anxious about fitting in, but when we reached the door she met some friends who gave her a big hug. I almost cried. How was your day dear?”

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