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April 25, 2016 @ 5:26 AM by: Richard Steinecke

My eldest daughter had an imaginary friend when she was young, the father of her doll Sarah. No matter how much we established through logic and reason that Sarah’s father did not exist, she always had an answer (usually creative and illogical). You had to admire her certainty.

One of our community members is quite certain that angels will protect him from any misadventure, including that he is immune from government agents like the police and the courts. Being a lawyer, I have difficulty accepting that assertion. I tried to question it on a number of levels (e.g., Bible verses about accepting the stabilizing role of the state; my traffic ticket a few weeks ago) but he remained resolute.

In contrast, I waffle in what I think I know. I agonize about getting it wrong, particularly on an issue that could hurt others. One of the great tensions in Christianity is how to balance the duty to be steadfast in the truth against the need to be humble about our limited ability to know the truth. I remain uncertain, and probably a lot more miserable, than my fellow community member with whom I shared the morning.

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