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Riding in the Back of a Police Cruiser
April 28, 2016 @ 11:25 AM by: Richard Steinecke

One of our volunteers had been punched in the face and was at the hospital receiving stitches. The police were at Oasis investigating. There were special circumstances and I wanted to offer mediation as an option. The police were fine with that (probably a lot less paperwork). But they had to interview the volunteer. “Hop in the back of the police cruiser” they offered. I accepted. I was locked in. And there was no leg room whatsoever! But they were the captives, not me. I told them all about Oasis and why I was volunteering there. I explained our Code of Conduct and why we needed to protect our volunteers while also trying to reconcile the relationships that had been broken with the punch. Not exactly Paul in chains in prison at Rome, but the similar principle applied. Upon arrival at the hospital one of the officers apologized to me for the frustration he had expressed back at Oasis about our “lack of cooperation”. And before the day was done we were on the mediation and reconciliation path. The volunteer felt warmly supported and no charges were laid.

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