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Through Their Eyes
July 18, 2016 @ 5:29 AM by: Richard Steinecke

When my daughters were growing up, I read to them the Anne of Green Gables books. Those were books that I mocked when I was growing up and would never have read on my own. However, the pleasure of experiencing the books through the eyes of my daughters as I read the stories to them made me love those books. I am experiencing a more adult version of that sensation now. Watching the five Oasis summer students experience front line compassion work is bringing me more insights into the work of Oasis. First of all is the enthusiasm of novelty of course. But more than that is watching them come to grips with the choices that we continue to struggle with every day. How do you start up a conversation with a stranger who lives in an entirely different world than you? What should your response be when a community member wants more food than the “rules” allow? What do you do when you are into the plot of the movie during the drop-in and new people arrive? I am appreciating Oasis all over again.

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