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Friends in High Places
July 25, 2016 @ 6:08 PM by: Richard Steinecke

The five students and I walked past the office of our local Member of Parliament on our way back to Oasis. She had helped us obtain funding for two of the summer students. I had to pick up a letter of support she had written for us on another grant proposal, so we all went in. I introduced her to Vanessa and Erica, staff there, who have been so helpful to Oasis. They said Julie, the MP, was just finishing a meeting and asked us to wait. Soon Julie came out and introduced herself to each of the students and inquired about what they were doing for the summer. She then talked about some plans her government had that could help provide housing for our community members (see previous blog). Then she posed for pictures with them. The students were impressed with meeting this whirlwind of activity. They liked the idea of Oasis having “friends in high places”. Of course, Oasis is fortunate to have a friend in the highest of all places.

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