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'Thank You for Putting Me in Jail'
August 11, 2016 @ 6:13 AM by: Richard Steinecke

One of our community members felt like socializing today. He brought his cute dog in and had him perform some tricks with some of the volunteers. I caught up with him at the coffee table and we chatted about the dog, his grandchildren, a trip he was making to meet with some old and new friends and the passing of his wife not too long ago. He said he would never have been able to cope with the death of his wife if he had not gone to jail earlier in his life. When he was younger his brother died and he lost it. Doing foolish things he ended up in jail. For him at least, this was a good chance for him to think about his life and how he wanted to live. After he got out of jail he contacted the arresting police officer and thanked him for arresting him and giving him the opportunity to turn his life around. The police officer was surprised, to say the least. As a result of that experience when his wife died he was able to focus on their children and the dog and has kept moving forward. We have a community rich in experience and wisdom.

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