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White Privilege
August 17, 2016 @ 6:15 PM by: Richard Steinecke

At the conference on Compassion I am at this week, Micah Bournes an Afro-American speaker, talked about White Privilege. It was actually quite brave of him to do so since almost everyone in the audience was Caucasian.  Micah was respectful and gentle in his remarks, but talked about the exclusion he felt in Bible school where almost every instructor was a white male and every text book was written by white males. Even the worship style and songs at his school (and the worship time before he spoke) were European. The underlying assumption he observed was that white people thought Christianity itself was white and that other churches were 'ethnic' and 'cultural'.

 Micah spoke about the need to view white, European Christianity as cultural and ethnic too. Only then could the richness of diversity be appreciated by the majority North American church. He gave the example of contemplative, silent prayer that he learned from an Asian, female Pastor. He also gave the example of how Martin Luther King only learned how to practise his faith after reading an Indian author, Ghandi. Micah called for all of us to be consciously and deliberately consultative and inclusive in every aspect of our faith. The same would, of course, be true about Oasis.

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