Donation Guidlines

Information regarding use of donated funds at Oasis

Oasis Dufferin Community Centre is a registered not for profit organization. Its registered charitable number is: 14074 1414 RR0001.

The mission and vision of Oasis are:


“Oasis Dufferin Community Centre, as a Christian not for profit faith community and,

. . . reflecting that all peoples are made in God’s image,

. . . recognizing their value and dignity in a multicultural society and city,

. . . understanding that prejudice is only overcome through relationship,

Oasis seeks to create community for clients by demonstrating God’s love and care in such ways as to help them attain their fullest potential.”


Oasis Dufferin Community Centre will be an intercultural, missional community – a place of Christian faith where the marginalized will be embraced.  Oasis will be a training ground for urban ministry and release others to a Kingdom harvest.  Oasis will help to facilitate replicable urban mission models. The Oasis vision includes the development of an English speaking community of believers.

Oasis is a Christian Community Centre that operates through the support of private individuals, churches, faith based organizations, foundations and government grants. Oasis offers a wide variety of programs that meet a wide range of needs within the community. 

Compelled by Love, Oasis uses funds to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.  Programs at Oasis include a Soccer Team, an Emergency Food Bank, and Christian counselling to name a few. Partners and supporters of Oasis Include Daily Bread Food Bank, the City of Toronto – Investing in Neighbourhoods Program, and the Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec to name a few.

Oasis believes in integrity, transparency and accountability. Stewardship is paramount at Oasis and financial records are prepared and reviewed by an independent chartered accountant firm. Oasis responsibly uses donated funds in line with its mandate.

Oasis Dufferin Community Centre’s fundraising guidelines:

1.    All money donated will be strictly used to support Oasis activities.

2.    Donors and the oasis community should have access to the Oasis Audited financial statements. Oasis activities must provide detailed and prompt reporting of expenses. Designated donations will not be used for other purposes 

3.    Oasis does not have remunerated fundraisers.

4.    Oasis will not give misleading or incomplete information about the purpose of the solicitation.

5.    Donations or grants received will be in line with Oasis values.

6.    The Oasis Board will respond promptly to any complaints about unethical approaches to fundraising and/or the use of the money donated.

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