The History of Oasis


Oasis Dufferin Community Centre began with a burden placed on Phyllis Ortiz’ heart.  As a returning missionary, she saw the need for immigrants coming to Canada – a need for a community centre as a place of refreshment and meeting emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. 

The doors opened in 1994 and the first classes of hairdressing, crafts, E.S.L., and the food bank had their humble beginnings.  The Board of Directors was formed and Oasis was incorporated with a charitable status.

Since then Oasis has grown and has had an impact on numerous lives.

In 2014 Oasis celebrated its 20th Anniversary and published a book outlining its history. Read it here:


To see some of the things that have happened since then, click the blog link "What I Have Learned So Far" on the left side of this page.

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