How Your Support Helps

1) Food Bank - Oasis Dufferin runs a Food Bank that assists our community every Wednesday morning.  We assist approximately 100 people every week and the food that is provided to these people will help to feed them and their families.  So in essence it’s not just one hundred people who are being helped but 400-500 people every month count on the food they receive from Oasis Dufferin. Many of the Oasis Food Bank clients would go hungry if they were unable to pick up their basic food items here on Wednesday. A lot of our community  members are single mothers with one or two infant children and they are barely scraping by or single people with disabilities who are estranged from their families. So donations help Oasis to help others.

 2) Drop-in and Community Kitchen takes place Tuesdays starting at 4:00 pm. Community members drop in to watch a movie, play the piano, put together a puzzle or just talk. Community members set the tables, help prepare the meal and clean up afterwards. Dinner is at 6:00 pm sharp. Everyone is expected to participate so that it is "our dinner" and not a service provided by others. Relationships are the key.


1) Oasis accepts monetary donations through cash, cheques or Visa.

2) Food donations-in particular non-perishable items such as canned foods, peanut butter or non-perishable packaged items such as pasta, also baby & infant diapers are always needed.

3) Volunteering-the Oasis Dufferin Community Centre relies on the effort and time that our volunteers put in and their presence and hard work allows us to continue to help our neighbors. In fact, the biggest impact Oasis has on its community is through the relationships developed with volunteers. See our blog link on the left side of this page to see how our volunteers have regained confidence and developed skills to reclaim their independence.

Baptist Women Visit Oasis and donate much needed items for the Food Bank.

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