Special Projects

Tuesday Community Drop-In

We are starting a new program at Oasis. Every Tuesday we open the doors to the community to drop in and "hang out". Janette prepares coffee while we watch a movie, put together a puzzle, listen to someone play the piano and just talk. During this time we help set the tables for the dinner that will start at 6:00. This initiative started in December where we watched Christmas movies. Many of our community members do not have a television or would simply be walking around outside in all kinds of weather.

To make this work, Oasis needs:

  • Volunteers who are ready to listen, play cards, or even loan out their cell phones for a call.
  • Someone to fix the piano in the basement so that all of the keys work and it is "kinduv" in tune.
  • Coffee, sugar and evaporated milk.
  • Snacks. Cubed cheese is a big favourite.
  • Financial sponsors. Right now we are doing this entirely on our own.

Then stay for the Community Kitchen dinner at 6:00 pm and, even, the cleanup afterwards.

Thanks for your support!

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